Registration is open!

Reigstration will Close 11/28 at noon!

December 1, 2018 from 8:00 AM till 5:00 PM (EST)

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Hoosier CrossFit's Winter Rendezvous is back for the 7th consecutive year! This competition was desgined for anyone who RX's daily workouts, and wants to test how they've developed as an athlete through the course of the year. From elite athletes to new-to-RX participants, find your partner and register on Sept. 11, 2018 at noon.

CASH PRIZES for 1st place!!

Competitions are a lot more fun for everyone when everyone gets involved, so please use the Facebook "Share" button above to help us spread the word! You can also follow our Facebook Page. Facebook is a great place for us to communicate in real time, but not great if you need help; email us directly for a quick response.

MINIMUM MOVEMENT STANDARDS: The following movements are an example of what you should be capable of 1 or more for multple reps; this list is not complete and what's listed is not guaranteed to be programmed: toes to bar, unassisted pullups, handstand pushups,muscle ups, deadlift 225#/155#, front squat 185#/115#, snatch 135#/95#, dumbbell 50#/35#.

HOW TO SIGN UP: the team captain will register the team. Be prepared to provide their full name, email, and tee/tank size. Throwdowns will send a confirmation email, but we won't send one until closer to the event. A final email will be sent the night before the event with your heat#/lane#.

THE WORKOUTS: WOD 1 is Fight Gone Bad 2.0! WOD 2 is Weightlifting total. It will include 3 scores: Snatch total, Clean and Jerk total, and the highest snatch and highest clean and jerk total. WOD 3 will be released on Nov. 14th!

FOR A FULL LIST OF DETAILS and FAQ visit the Facebook Event Page in the "About" section. If you have a question, we will be respond if you email us directly instead of commenting on a facebook post.


  • WOD #1 - FGB 2.0
  • WOD #2 a- Snatch Total
  • WOD #2 b - C&J Total
  • WOD #2 c - Total Total
  • WOD #3 - Assault on Drag rope by RX Smartgear
  • Floater #1: Bar complex
  • Championship


  • Male/Male Team
  • Female/Female Team
  • Male/Female Team


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