Oct 1 - Dec 1, 2018

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Compete in VETWOD, the first annual online-only functional fitness competition to benefit Mission 22, an organization that fights against veteran suicide.

Workouts will take place over three weeks and will open and close for submission (Midnight CST opening and closing):

WOD 1 - Programmed by Street Parking: November 11-17
WOD 2: November 18-24
WOD 3: November 25-December 1

Podium winners in each workout and overall winners will win prizes. We will also award one random athlete per week from now to the end of the event. Your best chance at winning a "random athlete" award is to sign up early!

*To be eligible for merit-based prizes, athletes must submit video for score verification.

ALL participants will receive exclusive offers from our partners.

VETWOD is proud to partner with the following sponsors:

7Five Clothing Company
Alpha Brew Coffee
Barbell Voodoo
Boots on the Ground
Born Primitive
Caffeine and Kilos
Chalk Monster
Loveland Creative
Momentum Ropes
The Morning Chalk Up
One More Rep Podcast
RX Bar
Score It Band
Street Parking
Victory Grips
Warfighter Athletic

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Please note that merchandise will be ordered Nov 18 (immediately after the first wod) and shipped early December.

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  • Service Men
  • Service Women
  • RX Men
  • RX Women
  • Scaled Men
  • Scaled Women
  • Masters Men - 35+
  • Masters Women - 35+


  • Alex Z | Crossfit Orange NY
  • Raj Sastry | Insight Training
  • ShellPT | Street Parking
  • Katie Maestas | NFP
  • BCWolfpack2 | BCWolfpack
  • Janel Barnett | Bombers Crossfit
  • Alison Huberty | CrossFit Oakdale
  • Asha | Street Parking
  • Dan Schuldt | Crossfit Schenectady
  • Lisa Potter | Street Parking
  • And 499 more...