Thailand Throwdown 2019

Northern Thailand's Only CrossFit Competition

January 19-20, 2019 from 8:00 AM till 4:30 PM (ICT)

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Join us January 19-20, 2019 for the annual Thailand Throwdown at CrossFit Chiang Mai!

All spots sold out last year, so register as soon as you can to avoid dissapointment.

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Division Standards

Rx: Any typical CF movements such as high-skill gymnastics, KB/DB movements, heavy carries, and all lifts. Recommended minimum lifts are 205/135 lb. Clean + Jerk, 165/105 lb. Snatch, and 335/220 lb. Deadlift. You will not necessarily have to lift these weights, but should be able to if required.

Masters (35+): Same as Rx, with weights about 10-15% lower. Masters athletes will be required to show identification/proof of age upon arrival at the event. Athlete must be born on or before January 19, 1984.

Scaled: Standard Pull Ups will be required for all scaled athletes this year. Should be comfortable with all typical CF movements such as KB/DB movements, wall balls, box jumps, double unders, etc. Recommended minimum lifts are 165/110 lb. Clean & Jerk, 125/80 lb. snatch, and 245/165 lb. Deadlift. You will not necessarily have to lift these weights, but should be able to if required.


  • WOD #1
  • WOD #2
  • WOD #3
  • Floater #1
  • WOD #4
  • Franwich A (Oly Total)
  • Frabwich B (Fran)
  • Floater #2


  • Men's Rx | SOLD OUT!
  • Women's Rx
  • Men's Scaled | SOLD OUT!
  • Women's Scaled | SOLD OUT!
  • Men's Masters | SOLD OUT!
  • Women's Masters
  • WAITLIST - Men's Masters
  • WAITLIST - Men's Scaled
  • WAITLIST - Men's Rx
  • WAITLIST - Women's Scaled


  • Joy Somers | CrossFit Chalong
  • Deb Brothers | Training Ground
  • Collen Steinbring | CrossFit Arena Bangkok
  • Matt Cass | Crossfit Arena
  • Stephanie Lill | Training Ground
  • Jason Day | CrossFit Habu
  • Kate Saowapa | Crossover
  • Scott Soang | Thonglor CrossFit
  • Keerawat Srirungruangjit | Thonglor CrossFit
  • Ashleigh Gibb | East West Fitness
  • And 108 more...