2019 Swolemates - Plymouth, MI

Hosted By Plymouth CrossFit Lower Town

02/09/2019 from 8:00 AM till 5:00 PM (EST)

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IT’S BACK!!! Welcome to Swolemates 2019!

Back for the 5th year in a ROW! Now with TWO MICHIGAN LOCATIONS! Grand Rapids (8th Day Gym) & Plymouth (PCFLT)

Here are the basics: This is a mixed partner event with two divisions. Are you in a relationship with a fellow functional fitness practitioner? Maybe you’re married to one, maybe you’re dating one, maybe you’re not “labeling” it yet, but you’ve probably seen each other naked at some point. We have the “Actually Mating” division just for you!

But, what if you aren’t in a relationship with someone you can team up with? Not to worry, we have the “Just Friends” division as well.

So, get yourself a partner and get ready for a great partner event to end the season with!

There will be one written movement standard for this event, but scaling will be allowed. If you do scale a movement your team is just eliminated from prizes.  Scores will still be shown on the leaderboard.  ONLY the workout scaled will be denoted on the leaderboard as “scaled”.  “Scaled” scores will fall below all “RX” scores on that workout.  Scaled movements will still be judged on your standard.


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Price Guarantee Policy

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  • WOD 1 - Female Weight
  • WOD 1 - MALE Weight
  • WOD 2 - Cal Rowed
  • WOD 2 - REPS Completed
  • WOD 3 - Time to Complete




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