CrossFit Myrtle Beach Presents "Coastal Clash"

At the 2018 Native Sons Salt Games

September 15 - 16th 2018 from 8:00 AM till 5:00 PM (EST)

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This is going to be an epic competition!

It's going down at the 6th annual Native Sons Salt Games!!!

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Price will increase to $425 Team and $125 Elite Individual on August 25th!



  • Rx MMMM
  • Rx FFFF
  • Rx MMFF
  • Scaled MMMM
  • Scaled FFFF
  • Scaled MMFF
  • Elite Individual Men
  • Elite Individual Women


  • Massie | Unaffiliated
  • Team CresCom | CrossFit Up Dog
  • Jessica Hockensmith | CrossFit Metanoia
  • Peepee Weight | CrossFit Reignited
  • Keith Smith | CF Raeford
  • Cody | CrossFit Myrtle Beach
  • Last Call | Crossfit Nitrous
  • Hey, You Guys! | CrossFit Ferus
  • Team Wodbody | Crossfit RDU
  • Chan | Crossfit Vengeance
  • And 23 more...