Battle Buddy Hero WOD CrossFit Competition

Are you ready to throwdown?

11/11/17 from 8:30 AM till 5:00 PM (PST)

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This is going to be an epic competition!

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Registration Fees shall benefit the Wounded Warrior Project. The opportunity to donate directly to the WWP will be made available via WWP Main page or through our Registration Page.

Competition Standards (Men/Women): Pull Up (Any Unassisted Variation- Strict, Kipping, or Butterfly) Front Squat (155/105) Deadlift (245/165) Power Clean (155/105) Jerk (155/105) Light Snatch 


  • WOD #1 "Heavy Hammer"
  • WOD #2 "Double Randy"
  • WOD #3 "Daniel"
  • WOD #4 Batlle Buddy Carry


  • Female/ Female
  • Female/ Male
  • Male/ Male


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