November 11, 2017 from 8:00 AM till (CDT)

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This is going to be an epic competition!

WOD #1: 10-20-30 Thrusters & Rower Calories for time

WOD #2: 1RM Clean | Rest 2 minutes | Max PU in 2 minutes

WOD #3: 10 min AMRAP: 12 sandbag squats, 30’ sandbag carry, 12 sandbag squats, 30’ sandbag carry

WOD #4 Floater: Max calories on the Assault Bike (combind athlete calories)

WOD #5 The Final: Top 5 teams from each division will advance to this WOD!

Join our community in supporting Denton Public School Foundation and offering resources to students that need help. 100% of all the funds raised go to students and families that are in need. Competitions are a lot more fun for everyone when everyone gets involved, so please use the Facebook "Share" button above to help us spread the word! You can also follow our Facebook Page.


  • WOD #1
  • WOD #2A (Clean)
  • WOD #2B (PU)
  • WOD #3
  • The Floater WOD
  • WOD #5 - TBD


  • Teens
  • Male Rx
  • Male Scaled
  • Female Rx
  • Female Scaled
  • Beginners


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